Emotions, Such a tricky word. Most of us are slaves to the emotions we possess. Some of us learn to master this state and take charge of situations rationally, while some of us react the way we believe would be right (that often leads to a lot of self-critical analysis of what could have been done).

I am myself a very emotional person and I take a pride in the same. You will always have a very heart-to-heart conversation with me. …

Eyes gone dark,
With thoughts running wild,
Please stop!
Could you please stop and breathe for a while?

Feeling trapped,
Finding a place to hide,
Leave leave , just leave is what was cried,

Too many thoughts ,
It's just a way to die.
Could you please stop and breathe for a while?

They said, we said , I said, who said, literally who cares?
Just move on and let it all out.
Just stop and breathe it all out.

Yours truly,

Awkward potato

I absolutely hate being on dating apps. While I appreciate the attention I might receive from a few folks but I feel like I am putting myself on a display just to get liked by people. The entire construct of dating for me was to find like-minded folks with whom I can explore the different stages of dating.

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For maybe more than 5 years, I have been using dating apps on and off. This always comes with the hope that maybe I can find someone with whom I can share the same opinions, thoughts, and maybe beliefs with, if not…

It bothers alot to not know the person I actually might be. I know alot about my likings and alot about who I can be. But I'm never really sure around who am I?

Who am I to you?
Who am I to me?
Am I just someone who’s lost in the world trying to find her place?
Am I just someone who knows the purpose and wants to fulfil it everyday?
There are days when I’m sure about who I can be.
There are days when I’m not even sure if I even exist.
The unsolicited paranoia that keeps me awake at…

We know it’s tough, living is hard. We know it becomes difficult as we grow older. ⠀⠀

We start realising the deceptions of life and we start building our own view point. When we were kids life was too simple, just a happy world. Now there are too many emotions to consume, some emotions which we don’t even like having.

In this world with endless sorrow, take a moment to breathe in and just smile. Smile for the happier times and smile because you’ll make it through, you can make it through. ⠀⠀

Loads of love,

Your potato

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I LOVE love. I love the idea of it. I love this feeling. We are talking about the romantic love here where you feel jittery and have those butterflies in your stomach, iykwim !!

Knowing that I love “love” scares me a bit. It makes me think about those possibilities that it might translate into, the baggage I would bring along and the expectations I would have. What if it didn't work in the end?

The idea about this feeling whatever I think what if it doesn't match with the person that I'm with? The person that I love.


Never a cry for help,
But a thought that sprouts within,
Aren’t you also looking for someone,
If not to talk,
Just to breathe in sync.

Late in the night,
Some thoughts prevail,
Don't you ever wonder?
Oh I wish I could tell this to someone.

Late in the night,
Don't you hope,
You could just hold someone tight and
Hope the night doesn't end.

Just late in the night,
Don’t you ever hope,
Maybe this is the best moment of my day.
Sharing the good and bad memories
Making this the best one?

Late in the night,
Do you ever feel?
Let's just hug and sleep.

Don't you ever hope,
Maybe this is destiny?

Tell me what do you feel late in night?

When people talk about depression. I can understand it. I can feel what they're saying. Perhaps it must lie within me?

People are scared for me, they care about me. They believe I might take some wrong action. Don’t be worried, I’m the most scared person for myself.

What if one day I die suddenly?

I don’t want to remembered as the gloomy one.

I want to live, I want to breathe, I want to feel like free.

People are depressed, people get depressed and people will get depressed . It's a part and parcel of life.

Depression; it hits…

It would be absolutely no surprise for me to hear if Bill Gates is hated by his siblings. Well, It is mostly because I can relate to his siblings. Hate is a strong feeling but I can surely understand where they’re coming from.


I am Manika Shrivastava and this is my story.

Starting from the time when I was brought home I was blessed with the opportunity of being the “second” child to my parents. My brother did not like the concept of having his authorized attention being diverted to someone else AKA me.

This is my brother holding me for the first time
My brother holding me for the first time

We were best friends when…

So I wanted to pen down my thoughts for the "sudden awakening" of our society for mental issues:

I sincerely hope it stays and it doesn't take one more known person's death to awaken these thoughts again.

If you support those who suffer from these issues then don't give up in the middle. It's a tiring journey for you as well. All I have to say is: Be aware , Don't be ignorant.

It might be just a post for you but it might truly impact someone. …

Manika Shrivastava


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