We know it’s tough, living is hard. We know it becomes difficult as we grow older. ⠀⠀

We start realising the deceptions of life and we start building our own view point. When we were kids life was too simple, just a happy world. Now there are too many emotions to consume, some emotions which we don’t even like having.

In this world with endless sorrow, take a moment to breathe in and just smile. Smile for the happier times and smile because you’ll make it through, you can make it through. ⠀⠀

Loads of love,

Your potato



Never a cry for help,
But a thought that sprouts within,
Aren’t you also looking for someone,
If not to talk,
Just to breathe in sync.

Late in the night,
Some thoughts prevail,
Don't you ever wonder?
Oh I wish I could tell this to someone.

Late in the night,
Don't you hope,
You could just hold someone tight and
Hope the night doesn't end.

Just late in the night,
Don’t you ever hope,
Maybe this is the best moment of my day.
Sharing the good and bad memories
Making this the best one?

Late in the night,
Do you ever feel?
Let's just hug and sleep.

Don't you ever hope,
Maybe this is destiny?

Tell me what do you feel late in night?