Breathe in, Breathe out

The alarm decides to ring for one more time,
I looked at the clock and there goes a trigger to my anxiety,
With a morning set with multiple habits.
Meditation in routine for 10 mins and
a French lesson I’ve been failing for a week.
Yet, trying harder and harder just to succeed.

Breathe in , breathe out.

The panic starts to creep in.
Heart races , negative thoughts peep in.
"You're not doing what you wish for"
"Find what you love, do what you love"

But what do I love? Is something I'm yet to know.

Breathe in , breathe out.

Emailed few clients and responded to unanswered mails
With a background of tasks which spilled over from decades and decades,
"Am I even good at this?"
"Why am I even doing this?"

Breathe in, breathe out.

Got out of my bed, brushed my teeth,
Stretched a lil and then their goes my back.
Ill and unmovable as I layed on my side,

"I have so many things to do, how will I achieve what I hope for"

The panic kicks in further with just tears falling down like a stream
"I'm not good, am I this incapable?"

Just Breathe in, breathe out.

"What if this is it?"

All those talks around seeing a specialist or
"Hey, why can't you just take a chill pill?"
Induced even further stress
No no no! I'm better than this and I fight those tears and get strong again

Breathe in , breathe out.

This is normal
You're normal
There are times you have to fight back,
Tell yourself you're different, you're unique and
You have a purpose.

You'll find it, it is okay.
You're okay.

Just please breathe in, breathe out.

To anyone having a hard time staying at home, I understand what you’re going through. It can get a little tough.

It’s okay, try to talk to someone and if not then write how you’re feeling. While people are making goals and new habits. It’s okay if you feel left out.

Remember mental health is the most important thing. You will succeed just be a little patient and don’t give up 

Loads of love.



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